Monaco Yacht Show Confirms Nautical Show in 2021

Monaco yachts

After much speculation, the organizers of the Monaco Yacht Show have set the date for this year’s nautical show. The event will take place between the 22nd and 25th of September, and will have some changes to improve its execution. Among them are the new partnerships, the incentive for a greater connection between the exhibitor and the visitor and better identification of those who are not part of the pre-established team.

Starting with those who intend to visit the event, it is important to know that the identification will now be different. Three types of badges will be delivered, separating them between superyacht customers, consultants and business visitors. For this, it is necessary that there is a prior differentiation, when registering online.

As for the division on site, some visitors will be able to count on a “private exhibition” on the docks. Initially, the pier area will be open only to visitors of yachts who are already customers, providing a different treatment for those who prefer to check both the yachts and the proposals at the beginning. Thus, buyers, consultants and brokers will be able to meet in a more intimate space.

And, to benefit visitors in general, two new entrances and meeting areas will be installed in the configuration of the venue. A space has been added for the exhibition of luxury partners, a space for relaxation and a space for those who feel the need for an even greater social distance.

Speaking of social distance, great care was taken by the team in relation to the preventive measures to Covid-19. They promise to double care with distance, tracking, triage and similar measures.

A partnership that always brings good results, according to the organization, is that of Sapphire Experience. This company identifies some new participants in the industry and offers an exclusive program to them, guaranteeing special treatment for the pre-selected. It is not an easy selection process, as in 2019, Sapphire itself claims to have approved only 17% of candidates, to ensure that they are not yet connected to the industry.

In addition to all the news, guests will also be able to get involved in the event’s proposal. They will find activities, lectures, specialized demonstrations, explorations, debates with a focus on design and sustainability and countless forms of interaction, connecting potential buyers with the shipyards, and showing all the potential that nautical life can offer to those who have not yet entered this field.