Discover the Most Luxurious Marinas in the World

Best marinas in the world

There are particular places which are simply irresistible and boast iconic facilities that attract celebrities and yacht owners from around the world who come to revel in their splendor.

Marina Grande, Capri

Marina Grande, on the island of Capri, is reportedly the most expensive marina in the world. With a real sense of exclusivity, the visit will need to be organized several months in advance, especially during the high season. There are more than 300 bunks in total and the facility can accommodate super yachts up to 60 meters or 197 feet.

The marina is nestled between impressive cliffs and colorful, picturesque buildings, offering a truly unforgettable experience. Situated below the city, the Marinamarina is surrounded by a selection of luxury hotels and restaurants that offer some of the most spectacular views in the world and countless medieval villages.

Unsurprisingly, the island has a special fascination for the rich and famous, with some of the most extravagant yachts in the world, often found here gathered together.

Marina di Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Listed as the second most expensive marina in the world Porto Cervo, Sardiniamais is located at the northern tip of Sardinia, on the famous Costa Smerelda. Here the daily mooring fees can exceed 2,500 euros during the high season, which gives an idea of ​​how desirable the marina is. Among the most expensive periods for mooring are the Deluxe Fair in June and the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Regatta in September.

The facility has up to 60 berths for yachts up to 100 meters (328 feet) in length. The list of celebrities seen in Porto Cervo is endless, with model Kate Moss and pop superstar Rihanna known to have visited in the past. Famous for its lavish parties and nightlife, there is even a Billionaire Nightclub for the few who can afford it.

The surrounding area presents a mix of unspoiled natural beauty and modern luxurious facilities, such as high quality boutiques and clubs.

Marina di Portofino, Genova

With only 14 anchorages for superyachts and a daily average of mooring of more than 2,000 euros, Marina di Portofino is one of the most exclusive ports in the world. Again, due to the lack of cribs, reservations will need to be made many months in advance, especially during high season.

Originally a small fishing village situated in a protected bay from green waters, Portofino has become a playground for the super-rich and famous, including Steven Spielberg, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Rihanna.

Accessible by a single road, the preferred means of transport to Portofino tends to be the boat giving Marina di Portofino a peaceful and private feeling.

Ibiza Magna, Ibiza

With a limited number of superyacht berths, Ibiza Magna in the Balearic Islands has a sense of luxury and exclusivity. While the main fascination of certain marinas can be the landscape, the surroundings and the views, there is no doubt that the main attraction for the Ibiza Magna is the electric atmosphere.

Famous for being a magnet for the young, rich and glamorous, some of the most famous faces in the world are often seen on the “White Island”.

Ibiza Magna offers berths for yachts up to 60m (197ft), while larger vessels can anchor outside the main port. The most popular (and expensive) time to visit is in September, when Ibiza hosts the respected dance parties that end the summer season.

OneOcean Port Vell, Barcelona

Originally built for the 1992 Olympic Games, the marina has been transformed, having recently been transformed into a five-star facility and 148 beds for super yachts up to 190 m (623 feet).

Situated in the heart of Barcelona, ​​with idyllic views of the city and across the sea, OneOcean Port Vell has become an extremely popular destination among trendsetters in the world. Yachts can anchor just a few steps from the city’s beautiful beaches and world-famous attractions, including the iconic Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, Passeig de Gràcia and Camp Nou , the home of FC Barcelona.

As the day turns into night, the city’s exciting nightlife comes to the fore. Exquisite establishments showcase local gastronomic delights and modern mergers by renowned chefs, and the numerous bars and clubs offer the perfect place to soak up Barcelona’s inimitable atmosphere.