Types of Boats

Types of boats

Whether for a family trip or a trip with friends along exotic coasts, renting a boat is a wonderful choice to enjoy a fun vacation in complete freedom! But, what types of boats are there? And which one should we choose on our next trip?


The speedboat is one of the most practical and versatile boats that can be rented, it is a vessel that is usually small, easy to maneuver, motorized and perfect for sailing during the day. But there are also many types of motorboats, which may be better suited for specific activities and experiences, even if they are not limited to these.

Speedboat for tour

They are small or medium size motorboats, very common in coastal regions due to their flexibility and comfort. They can be of open bow, ideal for quick trips during the day, or they can be cabinets, with a closed space reserved. Depending on the model chosen, they may even have a small kitchen or larger space to socialize.

They are practical but comfortable models, compact but spacious, and they are the most common types of speedboats because, depending on the model, they can serve a variety of different activities, such as: strolling the best beaches, practicing diving and snorkeling, etc.


Not unlike the speedboats for sport, the sports have a design optimized for the practice of water sports such as wakeboarding or water-skiing. They are boats of great performance and speed, compact and sporty design, usually without much space or the extra comfort of other types of boats.

Speedboat for overnight

They are medium-sized boats, very close to the yachts, but perhaps less luxurious. These speedboats have enough internal space to spend the night on board, such as one or two cabins, equipped kitchen, bathroom, etc.

In addition to one or two engines, they usually have a nautical battery and generator on board (common on larger vessels), to guarantee the boat’s energy at night. They are also speedboats generally chosen for longer trips.

What sets it apart from the speedboat is really this convenience and comfort for a real life on board, in addition to the fact that they consist of being sailed on the high seas, for a longer period of time.


The semi-rigid boats are light, small or medium-sized, high-performance boats, widely used for water sports, short trips or situations with a strong impact. They are boats formed by a solid bottom embraced by inflatable tubes, which guarantees them greater flexibility to navigate through the waves and a high absorption of shocks and impacts.

Like speedboats, semi-rigids are very versatile types of boats and can be chosen for different activities and outings. The most common models are the uncovered ones, a feature that, together with the inflatable tubes, guarantees great stability to the semi-rigid.

The compact design of the semi-rigids, and the vast majority of speedboats, also guarantees greater accessibility to shallow locations or coves and corners inaccessible to large and heavy boats.


Sailboats are boats driven by the force of the wind, and are probably the ones that offer the most authentic and liberating experience of navigation. This type of boat requires a lot of work and attention for the ride to be smooth, but it is well worth it.

In addition to the disposition and work required to perform the maneuvers and adjust the sails, basic knowledge about wind pressure, tide, pressure centers, friction, etc., in addition to basic safety procedures, is also required. Despite being driven by the force of the wind, most sailboats have engines, especially to help with the mooring and maneuvering of the boat on days with little wind.

Sport sailboats

They are smaller and faster sailboats, with little living space, and are generally used for the practice of sports such as sailing or yachting.

Sailing cruisers

They are the sailboats that normally come to mind, large and complete, usually composed of cabins, equipped kitchens, social space and everything else necessary for life on board. They are not the most spacious boats on the list, but they offer enough for a comfortable cruise. With that in mind, it is worth being economical when choosing what to take on a sailing trip. Take only the essentials!


Unlike the types of sailboats above, catamarans have two hulls. Because of this, they are the most stable boats on the list, and after yachts, they are incredibly spacious. The two hulls are parallel and between them there is a large space where a large part of the boat’s body is located, the deck, the living area, the kitchen, and the cabins and bathrooms are usually accommodated in the hulls. In addition, catamarans usually have a front and rear deck, with a mobile platform for bathing and plenty of space for the whole family .

Because it has two hulls, instead of one, the weight of the boat is better distributed, which allows it to have a low draft. This means that this type of boat can easily reach areas of less depth , better cut the waves in your navigation and in general ensure a more stable ride. With a catamaran rental, for example, it is possible to reach more remote coves and coves without difficulties!


Yachts are probably the most luxurious of all types of boats. Despite being like large (or giant) speedboats, yachts usually belong to a different category precisely because of the space and comfort they offer. They are boats that can very well serve as housing and are usually used mainly for navigations on the high seas, given the difficulty of maneuvering, because of their size.

The size of a yacht can vary between models and brands, it is always possible to find one that meets your travel needs. But in general, they usually have several cabins and bathrooms, large and equipped kitchen, several areas for dining and leisure, including front and rear decks, and often flybridge, that is, perfect for that family vacation!

Due to the size and comfort they intend to offer, yachts tend to be boats of lower performance, but leave nothing to be desired in their navigation.