The Best Destinations for Boat Trips

Best boat trip destinations

We have selected 8 of the best destinations for boat trips for those who like the waves of the sea, the wind in their hair and stunning horizons.

Taking boat trips is one of the great pleasures of those who appreciate true freedom, seasoned with the right dose of adventure and risk. If you are one of those passionate about the sea, who values ​​the smell of salt, the wind ruffling your hair and the feeling of being rocked by the waves more than anything, then this article is for you. Sailing or on a motorboat, we present you our selection of 8 of the best destinations for boat trips .


When it comes to boat trips, this is by far the most popular destination – it attracts almost two-thirds of sea travelers. Here you can find countless places with a strong appeal for this type of tourists: Saint Lucia, with natural formations as impressive as the Pitons; the Tobago Cays, ideal for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling; and another of the Caribbean’s great treasures, Belize, with its world-famous reef.


The so-called “land of a thousand smiles” is absolutely seductive, guaranteeing those who have been there that they visit once and are forever looking forward to returning. In Thailand you will find and be able to explore some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world, from a completely different perspective.


In Australia it is possible to find the Great Barrier Reef, the largest marine park in the world. The country can boast that it also has some of the most fabulous waters on this list of those looking for the best destinations for boat trips. With its stunning islands, picturesque coastline, colorful corals and abundant marine life, this region is a true paradise.


Greece has between 1200 and 6000 islands that seem to have been created especially for those who like to travel by boat! Its natural beauty is absolutely incomparable and has been portrayed more than 1 million times in films, postcards and tourist brochures: some of the most fabulous sunsets in the world, picturesque and seductive white villages and the sea of ​​such an intense blue that almost challenges our senses.


This coastline of the Adriatic Sea proves to be a real treasure for those who like to travel by boat. Favoring access to beautiful beaches, green hills and some of the most charming European cities, and with the impressive Dinaric Alps guaranteeing the necessary protection against prying eyes, this destination is one of the most popular for those who intend to travel by boat.


The ideal destination for those who need to relax 100%. Jamaica has beaches with soft, fine sand and reggae music in the air that calms anyone. To visit? The cascades of water in Ocho Rios, the Blue Lagoon or the luminous waters of Glistening Waters. But if the important thing is to “give it to the boat”, there is nothing like touring the islands with millionaire mansions.


In the Maldives it is possible to explore sandbanks, coral reefs and to dive with sharks, turtles, mantles and dolphins. And take beautiful boat trips along the beautiful beaches full of white sand and adorned with a turquoise sea.


In total, Indonesia with around 17,500 islands – is considered the largest archipelago in the world. With so many islands to explore it is hard to imagine Indonesia off this list with the best destinations for boat trips. Look for Flores Island, a small island where you can find material to explore the coral reefs, snorkel or even dive.